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About DrillingEngineering.eu / PipelineEngineering.eu:

You could describe us as an architect for drilling and pipelines. We not only design but also implement your drilling or pipeline project.

We provide support for the design and construction of all sorts of (utility) pipeline projects. We specialise in trenchless methods such as horizontal directional drilling and closed and open shield micro-tunnels.

Why choose DrillingEngineering.eu/PipelineEngineering.eu?
We are different because we don’t do “Google” engineering. There is a widening gulf on worksites between design and implementation owing to a lack of practical experience among designers.

Our advice, on the other hand, is always based on many years of experience. Having worked at contractor level for years, we know better than anyone what problems can occur and how to solve them.

We have been providing high-level advice for years to clients such as Air Liquide, Aquafin, Fluvius, Fluxys, Nippon Gases, Petrochemical Pipeline Services, Proximus, Total, De Watergroep and many more.

We also help well-known contractors to design and construct their pipeline projects.

Our specialisation (in trenchless technology) also means we help acclaimed consultancies prepare a total design.




Our activities and expertise in a nutshell:

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD):
Design and implementation support for horizontal directional drilling ranging from 100m to 2000m in length and from 50mm to 1400mm in diameter. Drilling for product and casing pipes made from steel, HDPE, GRP and ductile cast iron. Preparation of calculation notes (mud pressure, subsidence, strength, seep, tensile forces, tensions, overbends, etc.).
Pipeline construction:
Design and construction support for pipelines carrying products, including valve stations. Pipe systems ranging from 100m to 20km in length and from 50mm to 2000m in diameter. Pressurised pipelines intended for industrial gases (N2, H2, O2, ethylene, propylene, natural gas, etc.) and liquids (oil, waste water, cooling water, drinking water, etc.). Creation of design and construction drawings in CAD (2D and 3D). Preparation of calculation notes (tensions, uplift checks, etc.)
Design and construction support for open and closed shield micro-tunnels. Casing pipes made from steel, GRP or concrete with a diameter ranging from 400mm to 2200mm. Creation of design and construction drawings in CAD (2D and 3D). Preparation of calculation notes (subsidence, thrust, dewatering consultancy, etc.).

About us

The company behind DrillingEngineering.eu and PipelineEngineering.eu is K.P.S. bv, the abbreviation for ‘Knuyt Pipeline Services’.

Having built up 12 years of practical experience as a contractor from 1997 onwards, Nico Knuyt founded this limited company in 2009.

Since then, we have helped design and implement over 1000 directional drilling projects and tens of kilometres of high-pressure pipelines.


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